Have you ever had a dream of doing something, but the picture of what precisely you want to do wasn't very clear? If so, me too-read on! If not, let me explain...

Well, it all started over a year ago with a few friends. We began reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson. This book about prayers and pursing dreams inspired me to pray and think about a specific desire I've had to do something... but not sure exactly what.

Rewind back to last summer (2013): After an exhausting year of teaching, being a mother, wife, and conducting my Action Research for my master's degree I was a bit... worn out. With my MA in Art Education almost in hand (aka pay raise!), 9 years of working with the same school district (aka job security!) I realized that the path I was on was no longer right for me and I quit my job. Somehow, in the years of loving my job as an art teacher, things changed. I changed. While my passion for sharing my joy of creating never faded, the confines of the classroom job became quite cumbersome. I was faced with dilemmas such as: How can I have a tea party with my 2 year-old when I have to be at work by 7:15? And, if I have to stay after school for another staff meeting, how will I be able to build forts with my son? Ok, maybe not serious problems, I know, but sometimes we just need a little more joy in our lives. After all, isn't artistic creation often an avenue for expressing and finding joy? I just wanted to get back to that. And have more time to be a mom.

After quitting, I thoroughly enjoyed time with my family, but I still had that desire to share my passion of art with others. I missed the energy of teaching a group of people to create and taking part in their creativity. On January 11th 2014, a friend casually asked me if I'd be interested in doing a painting lesson for her and some friends. At that moment, I realized that was EXACTLY what I wanted to do! My passion for creating and love for teaching collided with this small business concept.  I spent weeks creating canvas paintings, wine glass paintings, developing my website, and inventing the specifics of the business. 

So, here we are almost 6 months after the official launch of my painting party business, Let's Paint!  where "I bring the joy of creating to you." It's been a fun adventure! I've had a lot of successful parties, some good learning experiences, and fun plans for the future! Come journey with me through this blog as I recount my experiences. Thanks for reading!