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Bird Silhouettes with Anne Marie

One of the most rewarding components of this job is leading the anxious painter to a successful outcome. Several guests at Anne Marie's party had some artistic experience, while several did not.  A few of the inexperienced painters were feeling a little anxious about painting together. I was confident that I could help them create a successful painting. Hopefully they would gain confidence through the process, and enjoy the journey too!

Our process began in Anne Marie's sunny kitchen, serenaded by a cassette tape of George Strait, and we were kept awake by a counter top full of homemade treats. As we applied the different background gradients, I gave extra attention to the beginning painters. I noticed that they gained confidence and began to make independent choices for their artwork (always a delight for an art teacher to witness.) As we painted in the branches and silhouettes, each painting took on it's own personality and the painter's style began to shine through. As our session came to a finish, I was delighted to witness everyone creating something they were proud of. Each painting was successful, personal, and I could tell the painters enjoyed the artistic process!

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Rainy Reflections: Suzy's Party

This painting party was hosted by my dear friend, Suzy. I had the privilege of leading some of my most favorite women in the world through this romantic, drippy, and slightly abstract number. Oh, what fun we had! As always, there were a lot of laughs, really good food and wine, and plenty of silliness. Jamie dipping her brush into her wine was the highlight of the evening. If you are wondering, painting with wine just doesn't quite work! 

Here are the final outcomes. Great job, Ladies!



Floating flowers and Grandma's Kleenex

It was a sunny and windy April evening out on the Hergert Farm. The delicious aroma of vegetable soup and bread hung in the air. The last of the evening light danced in the sky as the guests arrived. After a long week of work, bowls and wine glasses were filled and the painting began!  

These ladies painted "Floating Flowers" and each integrated their own style into their piece (intentionally or not!). I just love how that happens.

Look how hard they are working... they must be used to working together! Painting and team-building definitely go hand-in-hand. We had some good laughs too. More about that after this pic.

So here's what happened... 

Both of my grandma's graciously donated years worth of aprons to my painting business. So, I ended up with all these vintage aprons- some of which, I actually remember my Grandma wearing when I was little. Anyway, as I'm explaining the sentimental significance of the aprons, somebody reaches in her pocket and pulls out.... Grandma's Kleenex! It must have been in there a while because it was pretty vintage looking too.

We all had a good laugh. This picture was taken right after the Kleenex incident.

Check out these beautiful creations! 

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