1.    Will it be messy? 

Painting usually isn't too messy, however, you may want to take some precautions in case you have a messy party guest. I suggest covering any fabric including carpet and chairs with towels or a protective cloth. I will bring a drop cloth for your tables and aprons to wear. I’ll take care of the set up and clean up so you can just enjoy your party.

2.    What should we wear?

Wear painting clothes. The paint we use is acrylic and dries as a plastic. It can be scraped off of hard surfaces, but will never come out of fabric once it dries. Wear nice clothing at your own risk! Aprons are provided. 

3. What do I need to do to prepare my space for the party?

To prepare your painting space you will need to clear off your tables. I will provide a protective tablecloth. If you have fabric on your chairs, I strongly suggest that you cover each chair with a towel or protective cloth as the paint will not come out of fabric. If the floor is carpet, a sheet or protective cloth will need to be placed underneath for protection. In addition, make sure water is easily accessible.    

4.    What if a guest is having a hard time with their artwork? 

If a painter is having difficulty with a painting, I can adapt the project to meet their particular needs. I provide stencils and can give in-depth instruction to ensure all guests feel like their painting is a success.

5.    What if a painter does not finish their artwork before the session is over?

If a painter is unable to complete the artwork within the given time frame I will explain how they can finish the painting at home and give them a list of the supplies needed to complete the artwork.

6.    What if I have a particular painting in mind that I’d like to create but it isn't in the gallery?

I am happy to recreate any painting you have in mind for a fee. Please provide a visual example so I can make sure it’s exactly what you have it's what you are envisioning.

7.    What if a guest who RSVPed does not attend?

If a guest RSVPs but does not attend, I strongly urge you to find a replacement who can take their place. I do not issue refunds. Please see my terms and conditions page for other options.

8.    How long does a painting party last?

2-3 hours depending on the project.