1.  Check date availability & get in touch.

  • Email letspaintcolorado@gmail.com or call Elizabeth at 970-396-7233 for date options. We can also discuss any other questions you might have before planning your event.

2.   Pick your location.

  • Your home is a great option, however, feel free to try something different such as a park, your backyard, church, favorite coffee shop or bar.

3.  Select your project.

  • Visit my art ART GALLERY to view artwork options. 
  • If you are interested in the glass painting projects, you can choose from wine glasses, mugs, vases, and stemless glasses.
  • Don't see something you want to paint?  I can also create a painting of your choice for a fee.

4.   Invite your guests.

  • Sometimes it can be difficult to coordinate schedules as a host- don't be discouraged! Its always worth the effort in the end!
  • I am more than happy to help with inviting the guests by sending out an Evite or invitations.

5. Payment Options

  • Once we've discussed details, I will create a link for you on the BOOK NOW tab where you can pay.  

6.  It’s party time!

Party Day Tips:

  •  The rest of it is up to you! Feeling ambitious? Perhaps appetizers, cocktails, and door prizes will be what you have in mind. Had a long week? Maybe BYOB and yoga pants is more your style. Either way, turn on some music, and get ready to have a great time.
  • Easy access to a sink is important so dirty paint water can be frequently replaced.
  •  If you have fabric chair cushions or carpet, cover them with towels or sheets to protect from spills.
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